Coalition Groups

People are always saying, “We should all get together and get on the same page!” Exactly! One of the main ways the Green Cities Coalition fosters collaboration is through our Working Groups. For the past 5-6 years, we have been organizing Working Groups around crucial sustainability issues: Energy, Local Food, Recycling, Transportation and Water. Our mission is to see stakeholders and activists meet every month around these issues to identify tangible goals, draft tactical plans and get organized for change. Each Working Group has a homepage on this site (see list to the left) and a facilitator. We are always looking for new members, ideas and resources. Get involved – we need you!

Steering Committee

The GCC Steering Committee functions by a charter which defines the scope, goals, objectives and overall approach. This charter is evaluated and updated each year at the annual meeting.

The current Green Cities Coalition Steering Committee members are: Megan Andreozzi-Harris, Al Brody, Amy Cook-Porter, Becky Elder, Kevin Gilford, Scott Harvey, Lyn Harwell, Darlene Jensen and Ingrid Wood. Steve Saint is our part-time coordinator. To contact the Steering Committee, email Steve at

Our Coalition Groups

More on the Way


As a member of the Green Cities Coalition, I/we pledge to promote economically healthy, environmentally sustainable, and socially inclusive culture.